This all started in 2017. My husband, Josh, had just finished graduate school and we were acclimating to life with our first child. We became intentional about cleaning up our diets and were motivated to get back to a regular fitness regimen. We’d always been active, but let’s just say that after a baby and graduate school our jeans were fitting a bit too tight.
Josh competed in a triathlon and fell in love with cycling. He bought a bike, succumbed to the lycra, and hit the road. After floundering a bit at the gym, I chose a personal trainer and traded in my cardio machines for deadlifts and squats.
We weren’t strangers to protein powders or meal replacement shakes, but as Josh’s rides grew into races and I prepped for a climb up Mount Kilimanjaro, we waded deeper into the world of sports nutrition. I always preferred to get my nutrients from real foods and found myself skeptical of many of the supplements on the market. There was always one product we counted on due to competing life demands leaving us exhausted.
However, this product seemed like the worst offender: the pre-workout. They list ingredients you can’t pronounce and include proprietary blends, so you aren’t even sure what you are consuming. Worst of all, they taste awful. They upset your stomach, but you keep using them because you have a late workout planned and you need a nudge out the door. Josh and I started to collect all kinds of nutrition products  in search of something we never found.

We wanted a refreshing drink to take before a workout, a ride or when we needed an afternoon pick-me-up that didn’t make our stomachs hurt. We wanted it to taste good and only include ingredients that were proven to drive our intense workouts, hone our mental focus, and support our hydration, ultimately helping us 
obtaining improved fitness results.
We realized that most pre-workouts are made for gym dwellers and almost all of the supplements on the market utilize fake sugars and artificial flavoring. I get it, weight loss is a calorie game. I am not trying to wage war against fake sugar (you’ll find a Diet Coke in my fridge), but when it’s in everything, all the time, every supplement, it seems a bit much for me and for my stomach.
This was a huge problem for us for another reason as well. You need sugar (exogenous carbohydrate and muscle glycogen as Josh would put it) to burn when you are working out. Gym goers know this, you see them snacking on sour patch kids before a big lift. Cyclist stuff their jerseys with sugary energy chews to sustain their efforts. It’s not rare to see someone active lugging around a water bottle and a sugary hydration drink. 
We decided we needed to make our own. Soon our house had a fine layer of powder layering our kitchen counter as we tested ingredients and flavors to find something we loved. We nixed ingredients with unattractive side effects or when the gain was marginal and the taste was unbearable.
We want you to know exactly what is in Firstbottle and why. It tastes like lemonade. It’s made for athletes of all types, from gym dwellers to endurance athletes, from outdoorsmen (or women!) to a tired parent chasing their child at the park. It’s made for you.
We hope you love it as much as we do,