Some of Our Methods for Consumption

Sarah's Recipe: Mix 12 ounces of water with two scoops of Firstbottle in a Youngwell bottle. Top off with ice. Shake well and sip on your way to the gym. 

Brad's Recipe: Mix 16 ounces of water with two scoops of Firstbottle. Top off with ice and drink throughout a long five hour endurance ride.

Josh's Recipe: Mix six ounces of water with three scoops of Firstbottle, shake, and chug 45 minutes before the upcoming criterium or cyclocross race.

Jake's Recipe: Mix a single scoop of Firstbottle with a freshly made glass of iced tea (sweet or unsweet). Sip to start your day with this "Arnold Palmer" inspired drink. 


For good measure we wanted to provide you with guidance on how, when, and where to consume our product.

Know what you're consuming. Everyone has differing genetics, tolerances, preferences, etc. As a result, people respond differently to various ingredients and nutrition products. We've done our best to provide the highest quality and most efficacious product for a broad sports application, but we also want to ensure that our consumer is educated on the metabolic and ergogenic effects of each ingredient. To that end, we've given a basic overview of each ingredient in Firstbottle in the Ingredients and Benefits section above. Please read!

Don't hesitate to send questions our way if you're interested in learning more. At least one of us is a nerd and would love to send you a detailed response!

Consult your doctor, nutritionist, etc. before consuming anything.